So if you read the about page, you’ll know that this is what I wanted to call my emet book when I was younger. I planned to write a whole book, all about worrying about being sick. How bloody boring ey. So here I am writing a blog about being sick. I promise not to write too much about being sick. And I promise to say if things will get a bit hairy. I know from experience that if you are in a bad place with emet, the last thing you need is a vomity surprise creeping up in writing or TV. It’s no fun. I really want to talk about emet from the standpoint of being a mum.

Ok, so for all you peeps who haven’t heard of emet, it is basically a phobia of vomiting. And when I say phobia, I really mean phobia. None of this, “oh I’m scared of spiders” shit. I mean “impacts your day to day life” shit. I want to share with you the ups and downs of this massive deal that has been the bane of my life for over thirty fucking years. And I apologise for swearing but when it comes to emet, it’s a fucking fucker. I hate it. I’ll get more into the ins and outs of emet as we go along. Maybe you are going through a crap time with emet right now, or maybe you know someone who is, or maybe you aren’t emet and you just fancy reading something different? Whatever your reason for visiting emetomum, please stay, chat and tell me I’m not the only one cracking up some days?!

Why did I pick this photo for this post? Well, it represents how I feel sometimes, emet as a never ending tunnel of self-destruction, doubt and darkness. But there can be light. And I plan to share some of things that have helped me reach that light.

A Cornish Mum