What is emetophobia? Well you could just google or Wikipedia it but here is my take on it. A stupid, stupid bloody fear of being sick. And I mean vomit sick, not illness, getting the flu and all that. If you are unfamiliar with emetophobia, you may be thinking, well ok, but nobody LIKES being sick. Arghhhhhh, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here…stick with me! Yep, not many people really like being sick, but emet (emetophobia for short huh) is so much more than that. It really is all consuming and manages to take over life, eating into day to day stuff. Before you know it, you’ve stopped eating, you don’t want to leave the house and if you do, you touch every door handle with a jumper sleeve and if you need the loo, well it’s game over really isn’t it. Sigh. Here are some of the things that emet stops me doing – and I’m pleased to say it isn’t a huge list. In spite of having emet all my life, I’ve gotten quite good at saying stuff it and just getting on with things (with the help of medication if I’m being honest):

–        Food – I’m not huge on trying new things. I pretty much stick to what I know. I do sometimes feel like I’m missing out but honestly, if it may make me sick then I really don’t care squat about trying bloody sushi!

–        Theme parks – just not my bag at all. And speaking of bags, sick to death of being the bloody bag-sitter when I have gone in the past with people. No more. I hate even sitting under the rides in case someone is sick while on one. Nice.

–        Helping people – and this is one I want to change but I’m just awful in an emergency. I’m so crap that you actually don’t want me there. If someone even has a nose bleed then that’s it, I’m off on a panic and even start to detract attention away from the person really needing help! So yeah, if I run off, I don’t mean to be mean and crap. Although I think this has to change – I have to suck it up and get on with things. My boy was sick on me – yes really!! A few months ago – I held him away from me (his back to me of course), like a little bomb about to explode. And I coped. Anyway, that story for another day. And then there is the epileptic on a plane. Honestly, of all the 300 or so bloody seats, you couldn’t make it up. Again, another story for another day.

Anyways, so that’s my musings for today. That’s my take on emetophobia.