I know this isn’t really an issue but my goodness, my boy can eat. And eat. And eat! It’s a good thing but because I don’t eat an awful lot, I find it unnerving at times that he seems to be able to put so much away. I was prepping dinner tonight and took my eye of him for all of a few seconds and he managed to grab this bowl of apricots I’d had in the fridge and ate the lot. That’s about twelve apricots. Wtf. It’s all good stuff but it makes me nervous that he might end up with a stomach ache. Either that or nursery will have a fun day tomorrow. I best pack a few extra nappies.

Happy healthy Wednesday everyone. Middle of the week, and hopefully it’s been a good one for you. I’ve been incredibly busy at work and very much looking forward to the weekend. Although imp away this weekend which unsettles me a bit. I’m sure it will be fine but I have this thing about the place imp going. It’s basically my nanas house. I always feel anxious going there because when I got pregnant, I ended up feeling very morning sick there, and subsequently was sick. I know it’s ridiculous to dwell on it but I can never stop thinking of where I threw up on the side of the m4 on the way home! And it fills me with dread. The whole horrid night and incident. It’s part of the reason why I say “never again” when I think about having more littles. And then I tell myself your still here you wally, you were ok and when you really think about it, it was kinda funny. The whole night I was up saying I felt sick and my husband was “nah, your fine, it’s just a panic” and imp like “no, it’s really really real this time, I promise”. So by the time I was finally sick, I was like “HA” in your face! I AM sick!!” or at least that was one way of looking at it a few weeks after the event haha.