Honestly, if I read or hear that emetophobia is THIS common, ill bloody scream. I mean it doesn’t even register on the Microsoft spell check!!

emetophobia what is it


If it were so common, why is it that if you decide to be honest about your emet, people look at you like you sprouted another fucking head. “But nobody LIKES being sick” they chime. Yeah, no shit sherlock. Although if you’ve ever typed emetophile into google, I’d say I disagree…be it on your own head.

Anyway, so my gripe with this is that throughout my life, all 35 bloody years, I’ve visited counsellor after counsellor, therapist, alternative therapist, past life therapist, psychiatrist, doctor after doctor after CBT specialist after doctor. And not fucking ONCE has someone said, ah yes, emetophobia, I’ve heard of that. Never, in over thirty years, has someone heard of this phobia. Someone outside of an emet chat room that is. And it really makes me question whether emetophobia is unheard of because it’s simply being misdiagnosed, mistreated or is it that people like me feel completely ashamed to ‘fess up and say, you know what, I’m scared crapless of being sick!

To be honest I’ve always been wary of sharing my emet with anyone. So deciding to share it online is a big step for me. I have worries that internet trolls will find out who I am and post vomit through my letterbox as a joke. I guess I’ve just gone through life finding that people really aren’t that tolerant or sympathetic to emet. I’ve been told so many times to grow up, to get over it, to stop being so silly. If only it were so easy. And I honestly thought when I was a teenager, one day I really would “grow up”. In my head, becoming an adult meant being over this phobia shit. But alas, that was not the case and I’d say if anything, becoming an adult has made me so much more aware of things to worry about. Ignorance really was bliss when I was a child!