To all the mummies out there, I hope you are having a fantastic Mother’s day. My whole weekend has been a mixed bag to be honest. I spent some time with my nana yesterday and she really isn’t well. She will be 92 this year and my family are trying to figure out how best to care for her. She can’t look after herself any longer. It’s just really sad to see and has made me think a lot about family and getting old, and well, just life in general really. I had a good three hour car journey there and back to ponder things. My son has a nasty cough at the moment, which kept both him and my hubby up all night (I picked the right night to be away from home ey ;-) ). When I got home, poor hubby was frazzled. We took a little walk down the seafront but it really was bloody freezing.

Anyways, here is a short post on the things I really admire about my mum:

1 – She has always been an incredibly hard working woman. Never lazy and never gives up. Complete inspiration.

2 – My mum knows her stuff – ok, maybe not attaching documents to emails haha but practical, real life stuff – how to sort out the garden, bake a good cake, tidy a home and maintain a car!

3 – Her eye for design and colour coordination. My mum is super cool when it comes to decorating or putting together an outfit – something of which I have not inherited! I still loaf about in jeans three sizes too big :/

So there, happy mother’s day fellow mummies, mommies and mammies. I hope your day is fun-filled and full of sunshine, and as anxiety and stress-free as possible :)