As an emet mum, it can sometimes get a bit tricky, sicky and icky. I find a few things really help though:

1: Breathing. Even when I feel at my worst, I try and take a few deep breathes, in for four, hold for four, out for seven. I try and get rid of all that excess CO2 that can build up and make me feel twitchy.

2: Keeping busy. Even when I’ve felt as sick as a dog, keeping busy HELPS me. Ironing, cleaning, playing with my boy. Whatever it takes, I try and keep going to take my mind off any overpowering sick thoughts.

3: Candy Crush – yes yes yes, we all have our little vices. I do find that a repetitive game such as candy crush or bejewelled can work wonders for calming a panicked mind.

4: Not catastrophizing. And this is a big one because the mind is very good at turning something seemingly innocent into the biggest bloody drama ever. I have to tell myself a lot that being sick or my son being sick is NOT a big deal. Yes it may feel like it to me, but it isn’t. It’s a nothing and it really doesn’t warrant hours and days and weeks of worry and post-vomit-event anxiety.

5: Having a sympathetic partner or friend to talk to. And this is a follow up post I intend to do – how to help an emet if you are non-emet. Hint – saying “but no one likes being sick” isn’t going to help! In fact, it deserves a slap round the head! We (most emets) know that not many people like being sick.

So there, my five things that help me in a moment of emet-panic. What helps you keep calm in a crappy situation? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or on twitter @emetomum1 :)