So in order to try and come to terms with aspects of my emet, I like to try and make light of it. Let me start by saying this is by no means easy for me to do and when I’m going through the thick of it, emet is anything but funny! I do try and think back to the times I have been sick though and remind myself that I’m still here. Things are ok and life is ok. Being sick doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of my bloody life. It really doesn’t have to define me. So over the next five days, I’m going to share my funny emet stories. If you get a little sensitive if you are emet then you may want to give them a miss. I promise to pop some warnings though and I promise never to post any icky photos. Now that would just be gross. So my stories are as follows:

  1. The M4 incident
  2. The cough incident
  3. The Christmas write-off
  4. The gig incident
  5. The doctor surgery incident and coincidence

Tune in over the next five days for lighthearted musings about being a mummy with emetophobia and my way of pretty much attracting vomit incidents! WTF?!