Bah, I’m completely behind with blogging on emetomum! I run another blog, food and parenting related and I’ve been super busy with that one. Need to sort my time management out I think!

Anyways, so how’s things going? Anxiety and panic free I hope. Things have been pretty full on here for me. Working, blogging, writing, cooking and of course, parenting! My boy is going through the terrible twos at the mo and it’s been tough! He is teething too which never helps does it. Sigh.

So here we are and I need to get my bum in gear and days of mummy emet stories. Why? Well one, because writing them out is kinda therapy for me and reminds me that I can look back on this stuff and have a chuckle. And two, well I hope you can have a chuckle at my expense too. Vomiting is super scary for emets but it doesn’t have to be. Here is my attempt to make light of crappy moments.

So here we are, day one – the M4 incident. Now this was particular pants for me because it was out and about. Literally my worst fear come true! When I reflect on this incident, I’m convinced I worked myself into such a state that I made myself sick. It all started on the Friday night. We went down to my nan’s. I was eight weeks pregnant and we hadn’t told anyone. I felt yucky as soon as we got down there and convinced myself it was just hunger sick. It wasn’t. But I didn’t find that out until 12 hours later when I was being sick on the side of the m4 near Swindon. I’ve never seen J pull the car over so fast! I’d been saying I felt sick and I’d been in a constant panic all night. It was a longggggg night and we had had zero hours sleep. I was kinda chuffed on the one hand afterwards as I was “HA, in your face J!” I told you I felt sick! But at the time it was not funny, as you can imagine. But hey, here are the things I learned from this incident. Some of them I find are useful to remember today, some of them I quickly forget and have to remind myself.

I survived being sick away from home.

Being sick wasn’t as bad as feeling sick. If I’d have been sick earlier, I would have felt much better sooner (I still don’t like this notion though).

I CAN deal with it. When the time comes, I CAN and I WILL.

Having a reason made being sick much easier to come to terms with afterwards. I was pregnant. End of. I hate the “why was I sick” scenarios