Day two and the “Cough Incident”. This wasn’t that long ago actually and I was really bloody proud of myself! Basically when b gets a cough, he really gets a cough. One of these coughs that make him sick. And not just a bit but a full on projectile vom cough. Yeah. Not. So I’m minding my own business at work when the nursery ring. Can you come and pick b up, he has a really bad cough. So off I plod to nursery and pick him up. Yes, he does have a bad cough but I think nothing of it. He often has a cough, especially being at nursery. We just about get through the door and he coughs and ends up throwing up all over himself, and, eek, ME! I had to resist the urge to pop him on the pavement and run off screaming. Shaking, I managed to get the front door open and get him sat on the stairs. I really really didn’t want to show him I was scared and kept smiling saying its ok, it’s not a big deal, mummy is here, you will be just fine. I proceeded to get his coat and shoes off and clean up his face with a wet wipe. I was really chuffed I’d gotten this far! I called J and told him I needed him to come home. Before J got home, it happened again :( By this point I was pretty anxious and worried it was now a bug. I felt I could semi-deal with the fact it was a cough causing this. Once J got home and took over, I managed to calm down a bit and relax. Here are the things I learnt from this though:

I CAN deal with my boy being sick.

I CAN show him that being sick doesn’t have to be a big deal. If I keep telling him, I might start believing it myself :/

I got a bit of sick on me and I survived! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be and I just popped my scarf in the wash. No big deal.