The title pretty much says it all to be honest. Baby’s first Christmas and it was hell. I get stressed at Christmas a the best of times but Christmas 2013 was a cracker. And it also set J and I up for future holidays and trips. We learnt quickly that anything we plan, and I mean ANYTHING, means that B will be ill. It’s guaranteed. I’d be willing to place money on it too in future! First trip abroad, B ill. I fly off to the States for work, B gets the pox. We head up north for a week, B gets ill. Sigh.

So anyway, Christmas 2013. I was full of the joys when little b did one of his coughs and projectile vomited his last bottle all over granny’s sofa. Unlucky for me, it ran all onto where I was sitting, soaking my jeans through. I had to spend the rest of Christmas day in my mother in law’s jeans! They were a few sizes too big for me and kept falling down all day. Yay.

If we thought the fun ended there, we were mistaken. Being first time parents and all, we were naturally worried. Why was our baby puking so violently and why was his temp high? Now my sister said “Em, don’t worry, it will be a virus, keep an eye on him, give him some calpol and see how he gets on.” But being a first time mum, that just didn’t wash with me. After the next projectile incident, that was it, I was on to 111 and we were up at A and E for 1am boxing day. Yay. It turns out b did indeed have some sort of virus and a horrid cough. But it was such a worry. Things I learnt here?

Projectile milk vomit isn’t bad at all and I could cope with it just fine. It was just milk.

If I know why little man is being sick, it makes it easier to deal with.

Just because it made Christmas a bit crappy, doesn’t mean I need to feel down about it. We had many days afterwards which were nice and didn’t involve projecto-milk.

I don’t need to catastrophize these moments. It happened, we are all ok, move on.