Let’s face it, when it’s raining, trying to keep a toddler amused can be hard. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t take long for cabin fever to set in. I always like to try and get out, even if it’s just for an hour, pushing the pram around the block. I always feel anxious at holiday type times of the year. Christmas for me is the worst. Not only is norovirus typically rife, but I feel so much pressure to “not be ill” and that usually makes me feel ill?! Argh. Anyways, I feel less pressure this weekend as we have a fairly chilled one, with not an awful lot to do. No travel, no huge commitments. Just the way I like it ;) If you do find yourself stuck in and need to take some time out, here are the things that I always find helpful:

  1. Taking a deep breath. And not just one, but a few. Take yourself off somewhere quiet if the family are getting a bit much. Take a few deep breaths and just “breathe”. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of your breathing, especially if you start to feel anxious, panicky or tense.
  2. Getting a bit of fresh air. If I feel anxious in a family or party situation, I always find it useful to get some air. Cool, fresh air always always makes me feel better. It’s perfectly fine to say I’m just popping out for a bit of air.
  3. Remembering IT’S OK. This leads on from point 2. I find a lot of the time I am stressing about what someone else thinks about me or my actions. Keep in mind that it’s OK to pop out. It’s OK to take yourself off to a quiet bit of the house for a few minutes. Most likely no one will even notice.

Have a happy, healthy Easter and remember, not too many choccies ;-)