Day 5 of my emet musing and we have the doctor surgery incident. Again, remember I attract myself to vomit and these things really only happen to me. So b has a cough (again, I know right) and we pack ourselves off to the local docs to get it checked out. It’s January and norovirus has hit the headlines. Fun times. So we rock up, get out the car and I see the usual receptionist in the foyer bit. There is some commotion going on. And yep, a little girl has thrown up all over the entrance. Wtf. Honestly, why???!!! So I say to J, that’s it, forget it, I’ll wait in the car, you’ll have to take him in. And J is happy with that. Off I plod with my phone in hand, back to the safety of the car. And then the receptionist comes over. “Do you want to come in through the staff door at the side and go round that way?” What a nice thing to do! So in I go and it’s all fine. B’s cough isn’t on his chest, we are all good.

That night I tuck b into bed and don’t really think much more about the vomit incident. Until half an hour later he is sick! WTF?! He vomited up his whole bottle of milk and a load of blueberries. Nice. J was on it and I was useless as usual. I was super panicked that it was noro and we’d caught it from the doctors and that we were all doomed. In reality it was b’s cough that triggered it and he was fine through the night. I still wasn’t happy for a few days though.

So there, day 5 of my emet moments. What did I learn here? B pukes if he has a bad cough. I learn that at 18 months old, he didn’t really need a full on bottle of milk. The next day we introduced milk in a cup and he slowly started having less before bed. I also learnt that people are generally nice in the world (the receptionist). Sometimes it is hard to forget when you see the atrocities on the news.