B is for – Blood.

Yep blood. A bit random but I find that having a vomit phobia tends to lead to loads of other irrational (downright bloody stupid) fears too. Now I won’t call them phobias because I hate how the term is used so frivolously! I dislike blood. I’m not phobic of blood. However because of emet, I’m useless when it comes to dealing with blood. I really hate this too because if someone is hurt, I run away. I’m crap at helping and actually I’m one of these people you just don’t want or need there in an emergency. I get in a panic, I start to fluster, hyperventilate and end up having to sit on the floor, worried ill faint and ultimately be sick.
Being an emet mum I obviously had to be pregnant. And pregnancy can involve a lot of blood tests. Well here is my number one tip for making them a tiny bit better if you are anxious. EMLA CREAM. Yep – EMLA. Google it, head to your pharmacy and get it if blood tests freak you out as much as they do me. It will set you back about five quid or so but oh my goodness, it was such a lifesaver during pregnancy. It is a local anesthetic and numbs the skin on your arm where they take blood. I always get them to lie me down and I look the other way. I pretty much can’t feel a thing when I use Emla cream. It really is a miracle little cream. I also pop it on both arms in case they can’t get blood out of one! My mum taught me to always be prepared ;)