Urgh, such a necessity and such a hard part of this bloody phobia. I really used to believe that if I didn’t eat, I couldn’t be sick. Past experience has taught me that this is not the case at all :/

And besides, we need to eat! It’s what we do right, as humans – nourish ourselves, get energy from food, use food as a reason to socially engage. At times though, I honestly wish I could just take a daily pill that provided everything I need. A step up from a vitamin so to say. That would provide me with calories. To take away the faff and worry associated with food and emetophobia would be awesome!

Overtime though I have learnt to enjoy food, and it is part of the reason I set up my other blog – to give me a reason to cook and prepare food for my son!

Anyways, my tips for making such a regular part of life that bit more bearable?

  1. Little and often. Don’t feel like you have to eat three huge meals a day. Space them out. Eat when you feel like you can and want to.
  2. Know your triggers. If you find you always feel yucky after curry, maybe avoid it. For me it is always garlic bread! The garlic always gives me indigestion and it just doesn’t sit well.
  3. Learn a bit about cooking and food hygiene. This helped me understand what I need to do to prepare, store and cook food safely. It stopped me making stupid assumptions about food and food prep.
  4. Clean hands. I eat out quite a bit but I’m still cautious. The one thing for me is making sure my hands are clean. If I know I won’t be able to wash them, I order something I can eat with a knife and fork instead.
  5. Enjoy. Believe it or not, try and enjoy it. For me, having a glass of wine with my meal usually relaxes me quite a bit and I tend to eat a bit more that way.