Fluoxetine – or Prozac as you may know it best. Prozac has literally been a life saver for me. And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve used it a number of times to pull me back up out of a huge hole of emetophobia, anxiety and ultimately depression. Back in 2009 my emet was so bad I was barely eating and suffering gastro problems most days. My weight had dropped really low and I was finding it a struggle to get to work, shop, socialise. The crunch came at Christmas 2009 when I saw a photo of myself looking ridiculously gaunt and thin. I knew I needed to do something. I couldn’t go on any longer like it. So I went back on Prozac.

I’d been on and off since 1997 and in between had tried Effexor/Venlafaxine (another post, another day.). Prozac suit me really well and after a couple of months I was a different person. Happy, confident, eating! I came off Prozac July 2012 because we wanted to try for a baby. We fell pregnant fairly quickly and everything seemed to be going ok. I had B in June 2013 and I thought I was ok. Looking back, I should have gone back on Prozac pretty quickly. I felt I didn’t need it though and I also felt that if i went back on them, i’d some how be failing as a mum.

I was so busy with my baby that emetophobia took a real back burner. Thank god! I didn’t really realise though that instead, depression was rearing its ugly head again. Little things seemed to turn into huge things and my ability to just cope with life had gotten the better of me. Emet tendencies started creeping up again and they started impacting everyday stuff like driving. I was convinced id have a fit, faint and be sick every time I stopped at a traffic light.

So anyways, long, boring, story short, I restarted Prozac last June and I am feeling soooo much better.