IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) is a real pain in the bum. Literally! Sorry for the crap pun but IBS has been such a bloody bane on my life that I can’t help but take the piss out of it. Because I hate it so damn much alongside a vomit phobia. One way for me to describe IBS best is to draw a picture:

emetophobia and irritable bowl syndrome

I worry about being sick, this causes anxiety, i don’t eat properly. When i finally do eat, I then get a stomach ache and often diarrhoea, which just makes me think I must be ill. And so the cycle continues. It took me a long time to figure out that yes, I can have diarrhoea and NOT vomit. It took me a very long time to work out which aches and pains were most likely IBS related and which were not. I’m still figuring this out even today though. Any type of stomach discomfort causes me anxiety. One super PRO of being pregnant – constipation lol!

IBS was really bad for me in 2005-2009 and it used to stress me a lot. Things that helped me:

  • Eating small amounts.
  • Steering clear of fizzy drinks.
  • Steering clear of greasy and spicy foods.
  • Medication – so for me, Prozac. This helped my anxiety which in turn helped my IBS.
  • Understand more about IBS and how the digestive system worked.
  • Finding a way to break the “cycle”. For a while I found that if I had a wine with my meal, I’d relax a bit and eat a little more than I normally would, meaning my body started to accept eating again and felt a bit more normal.

Here is a photo from one of my diary entries when i was about 14 years old. I knew what was going on then. I just didn’t know how to break the cycle.

emetophobia and IBS irritable bowl syndrome

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