Jumping to conclusions is something I often do when it comes to having this vomit phobia. I’ll hear something and think the worst. My brain seems to pick up any vomit related words, even when I’m not listening out to them. So today’s J is for jumping to conclusions and I have a somewhat funny story to tell.

I first started working after university in 2003. I landed my first job with a software company, selling software over the phone. Before I’d even started, I was somewhat anxious about being in an office, around lots of people and the potential for bugs. I knew also that I couldn’t just “walk out” or “run off” – I was at work! I needed the money. So anyway, the first few days are plodding along fine until I start hearing talk of a bug. And my heart literally sank. For a few days I stuck to bland food and avoided eating at work -just in case I started coming down with this bug that seemed to be doing the rounds. I heard our marketing manager talking about this bug, our sales manager had mentioned it, and the technical team seemed to be all over it too. Panic had set in and I felt well and truly doomed. That is until I found out everyone was talking about a bug in the software! You idiot! Of course, I worked for a software company and products get BUGS! Honestly, when I realised this was the case, I felt so majorly relieved.

I still work in software now and bugs do crop up now and again haha. This episode taught me to get my facts straight before jumping headfirst into a sea of panic and doom!