Now I have a few “L” posts up my sleeve but for the purpose of this challenge, I’m going to focus on leaving. Let me explain what I mean. By leaving I mean that you are in control and you can LEAVE a certain situation any time you want :)

This is a mind-set that has helped me A LOT over the years. Just telling myself it is ok and I can leave works miracles for my state of mind sometimes. I believe emetophobia/vomit phobia stems a lot from a fear of losing control. For me, knowing that I am in control of myself helps me deal with any emet anxieties while out and about. A few examples:

  • I don’t know what it is about this places but I sometimes feel dizzy and I feel really exposed. I often remind myself, its ok, just walk out and go take time out in the car if you need to.
  • Fortunately I am in a job where I can pop to the bathroom and take a few minutes to breath. I know this isn’t the case for lots of people but even a minute in the bathroom may help just rebalance thoughts.
  • At a party or meal. Telling myself it is ok to pop out and get some air.

I think the third point also links a lot to social anxiety and worrying too much about what people think. I often feel this when at the supermarket. I feel everyone around me can surely tell I’m about to have a panic attack. In reality they have their own shit going on and are most likely focused on doing their shopping.

Essentially this post is a reminder to me that YES, I can walk away and it’s ok. No one will think the worst and if they do, well stuff ‘em!