OCD and emetophobia don’t mix well. I have had many OCD tendencies in the past. I am pleased to say right now, I am doing OK on this front. But in the past, I’ve been known to have to repeat a certain phrase six times, and then six times again so I won’t be sick. WTF. The thought though that if I DIDN’T do it used to be so strong so I’d be stood in the bathroom chanting“please don’t make me be sick, feel sick, have stomach ache or diarrohea” Urgh just writing this is making my mind say “SAY IT, or you’ll be sick”. I bloody hate these thoughts because once they are in your mind, why wouldn’t you do them? You don’t want to be sick after all right?

I used to have to say similar words multiple times at night before sleep when I was a child. And this also had to be while I touched various bits of wood around my bedroom. Again wtf.

Other OCD things involve over cleaning, excessive handwashing, opening doors, flushing loos with tissues and using my sleeve or a tissue to open a door. I still do this, it depends if I’m able to wash my hands or if I know I’ll be eating something with my hands.

Fortunately I haven’t been as OCD with my son as people had thought. Many a time people have thought it fine to remind me that “I don’t want my son turning out like me” and that ill have to “act normal and not so obsessive about things when he is around”. Ok, ok I get it. It isn’t always so easy though.

My tips for OCD, I don’t really have anything constructive or helpful to say tbh. I am no OCD expert. Only that distraction plays a large part in combating OCD thoughts for me. And feeling in control of things like hand washing – knowing that washing my hands correctly is OK.