There are a number of “P” posts I want to write but I thought for this challenge I would share my tips for keeping sane on a plane. Pregnancy would also be relevant but I already shared some tips on getting through it with a vomit phobia. You can read those here if you are interested.

So back to planes. Yep, they can be scary places for people suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. For me, just the thought of being stuck in the air for x amount of hours in a confined space with x amount of people, who could be sick at any minute, gives me the shivers. Having said that, I have to fly a lot for work. Less so now but in the past my job took me to Europe and the States. A flight to the west coast being around 11 hours give or take. So I pretty much had to suck it up and get on with it. Here are my tips for having a stress-free(ish!) flight.

Fly business. Ok, this isn’t that practical for most people I appreciate, but oh my goodness, it is the way to travel if you feel in anyway anxious about having another 200 people in close proximity! A whole mini space, just for me. No other people, no coughing, no huge worries about being sick. Whenever I got the opportunity to fly long-haul business, it made things a gazillion times better.

If however, you are like me and don’t really have the money to fly up the front, here are my tips haha ;)

Pack ear phones and something you can play music on. I was going to say an iPod and then I thought, goodness, the youngsters today probably have zero idea what that is now :/ Would have been even worse to say mini-disc or shock, WALKMAN! Yep, 80’s girl here. Ear phones and a whatever is great for drowning out any noise you might not want to hear.

Pack things that you know will keep you calm. For me this is mints. Mints, mints, gum and more mints.

Sit strategically. Not too close to the loo and preferably an aisle. Some vomit phobics would disagree but I like the aisle because I can make a quick escape if I need to. Goodness knows where to but I just feel more in control than “trapped” in the middle or by the window.

I also find that certain medication pre-flight keeps me feeling a bit calmer – for me this is Imodium because I suffer from diarrohea IBS. YAY!!!! I often take a couple a few hours before boarding the flight.

I used to take things like water but they usually give out bottles on long haul flights.

Wine – I know, not every vomit phobics love, but for me, it takes the edge off. The minute the little trolley comes round, I grab a couple of glasses, pop on a film and try and ignore all the people around me for eleven hours or so.

Sleep – this is often helped by the wine and  if it is a night flight. I try and sleep to waste a few flight hours if possible.

So there, a few tips from an emetophobic flyer. I have flown A LOT over the years. Well over 100 times now, and on flights over 13 hours long. I have a few stories to tell. Honestly, you couldn’t make them up really but hey, another post, another day :)