Having emetophobia (a fear of vomiting) has a massive impact on literally anything social. I don’t want to turn this into a “feel sorry for me” post but it really does impact bloody EVERYTHING.

Here is a short list of things that stress me out, or things I try to avoid or dread due to emetoCRAPphobia. Some of them border on ridiculous.

  • Too many people, worried I’ll get ill or be sick or make a prat of myself. I typically end up drinking a wine or three to keep calm. Over worrying means I set off my IBS which in turn leads to more panic and worry. Also re the wine, I plan to post my thoughts on alcohol soon. I know for a lot of emetophobes, any alcohol is a no-no. For me, it keeps me sane and it helps me eat.
  • School – yep, had massive problems at school. More to follow in some of my childhood diary entries.
  • Uni – same again, used to walk out of lectures for fear of being sick.
  • Exams – had to sit all exams in a separate room at school. Panicked through a lot of them, probably could have done a lot better. The joke of it all, the room they put me in…they used to pop the kids who felt sick in the hall in there. WTF!?? I only realised this when a friend said so after the exams.
  • Work – yes emet does impact work but I try not to let it. Keeping busy really helps me.
  • Conferences for work – I try and keep busy and not think about it.
  • Eating out – not keen, especially with people I don’t know. I often feel trapped and I just get stressed. Putting food in my body is the last thing I want to do when I feel panicky about being sick.
  • Supermarkets – always worried ill puke, pass out or make a prat of myself in front of people.
  • Travelling – really don’t like any public transport. Planes probably being the most okish based on the “P” post. Coaches – don’t even think about it. Cars, I’m fine, as long as I’m either driving or sat in the front. Trains I’m ok with although for a while I couldn’t sit backwards facing for fear I’d get travel sick. I’d never pre-book a seat as you couldn’t pick which way you’d want to sit. Meaning I’d end upstanding a whole journey if it was busy.
  • Hate them. And Doctors surgeries. I just look around and see norovirus on literally every surface.
  • Cinemas – never been a fan. Feel trapped, feel like I can’t escape and spend the whole time worrying about being sick.

So there are just a few things that end up being tarnished by emetobloodyphobia. Guess it gives you a little insight into the day to day things that end up a big deal when they needn’t be!

A Cornish Mum