What-iffing causes me no end of frustration. There is one useful tip I learnt during one of the many hours of CBT I’ve endured (can you tell I’m not a huge fan?). Anyways, the tip I learnt that actually helps me, is to turn the What If around. So instead of “what if I’m sick when I go out to eat tonight?” becomes “what if I’m NOT sick tonight and I have a really nice time at the restaurant with my friends?” Well answer that one – ha.

A short one for W today but this tip really does make or break a trip out sometimes. By asking myself what if something doesn’t happen, or what if something is just fine, I find it really challenges my brain.

I also make myself answer the what if question. So for example, what if I’m sick today? Well it would be ok. You’d get through it, J would help. Your life would go on.

I do this for loads of scenarios and it helps a LOT.

Cuddle Fairy
A Cornish Mum