Tips for dealing with anxiety during the night.

Emet can really fuck up sleep sometimes. I don’t know about you but whenever I’m sick, it is most likely at night. Whenever there is a sick incident, it’s always in the bloody night. And there is a reason for that I think. Something like it being 36 hours since catching a bug or something… I’d need to ask an emet friend who knows a lot about timings and all. And I won’t because we really shouldn’t care about this stuff. What I mean is that night time causes me some degree of anxiety sometimes. Anyway, here I share some of my tips for coping with emet and sleep. Here are some of the things that help me relax before bed or if I wake suddenly in the night, thinking I am going to be sick…

Pre bed tips
– No late night eating. I try not to eat anything too heavy, too late. It never sits well for me and always causes discomfort.

– A glass of wine. Drinking before bed typically helps me relax and can help me sleep.

– Olbas oil and Vicks. For some reason I find the scent of eucalyptus soothing.

– Keeping chewing gum or mints by my bed.

During the night

– If I do wake up in a panic, I prop myself up using cushions and pillows. I find sitting up a bit can help.

– I try and breathe. If I find my mind wandering, I practice a breathing exercise I learned. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7, exhale for 7. It helps reduce the oxygen if I’ve started to breathe too quickly and usually calms me down a bit. Focusing on the counting can help take my mind of anything vomit-related.

– Lava lamps and low lighting. I love having my lava lamp as it isn’t too bright but provides enough light to calm me a bit.

– Mobile games that require zero thought. Things like candy crush and bejewled help if I start to get in to a panic attack.

– Fresh air. Opening a window or sitting outside (in the summer) can help stave off a panic.

– Music. When I was younger and lived at home, I’d make sure my headphones were close to hand in case there were unwanted “noises” in the night that woke me.

– Crochet. I don’t do this so much now but if I felt panicky in the night I’d dig out my latest crochet project and work on that. I find things like this help me. Monotonous things that require zero thinking effort.

– Cleaning and ironing are good calmers for me too but less so in the night. Before I had my son though I would get up and clear out “that” draw in the kitchen – you know, the cluttery one that holds random batteries, keys, scissors, tape, hairbands, general junk etc etc.

So there, my tips for staving off a midnight manic panic. It isn’t fun at night because it can feel pretty lonely and I always worry I will disturb someone. The worry made a billion times worse if we are staying somewhere else.