To be honest there aren’t many good things about having a phobia of vomiting (emetophobia). It consumes my whole life and impacts everything, every day. However…I believe there are some positives to having had the phobia all my life. And here is my list:

1 – Being emetophobic (emet) means that I never succumbed to peer pressure when I was younger. This means I never got drunk when I was young and I never took drugs. I always had my reason and that was I was scared it would make me sick. I did get mocked for this but I honestly didn’t care.

2 – I was a dream teenager because of all the above. Preferring to stay home, read and listen to music rather than clubbing and pub-ing it and coming home puking my guts up.

3 – Being emet means that I know when to stop drinking. After I left university, I actually did get into wine and enjoy drinking wine now. I pretty much know my limit and I know when I should stop.

4 – Being emet means that you will always have someone to hold your coats and bags if you take me to a theme park.

5 – Being emet means that you can be sure any food prepped by myself will be prepped with the highest standards of hygiene. It also means you get excessively over-cooked anything!


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