This morning one of my very good emet (vomit phobic) mummy friends whatsapped me with the second most dreaded message. Her child had been sick. The first most dreaded message being that she had been sick herself. I don’t know why but when an emet friend tells me they’ve vomited, I feel completely doomed. I feel like IT can get US at any time. We are NOT immune to not being sick, no matter how hard we try! I have sent plenty of second dreaded messages to my friend. And also, I am upset to say, a first dreaded message just last summer.

Anyways back to the point of the post, being that, what am I supposed to reply to my friend? If it were me in her position, I’d be crapping my pants and what would she tell me? That it will be ok, that I will get through it, that it might not be a bug. But really I know, and she knows, that we both know that it bloody well could be a bug! If that makes sense and you are still reading and care haha. We just daren’t admit that right? Once I’d read the message and given it some thought, it DID sound like it might not be a bug. Her child had been ill with a virus and there had been no diarrhoea. I always feel doomed if there is diarrhoea. Another positive was that her child wanted to eat. Surely if it was a bug you wouldn’t want to eat? Or maybe it’s just a vomit phobic thing ey, we don’t wanna eat for days after an incident.

Anyways, what I am saying here is that it is hard to reassure someone else who has emetophobia. I feel like a fraudulent friend at times because I can’t be a hundred percent sure it isn’t a bug. I can only hope it isn’t and say something reassuring. Deep down, I know if it were me in the same position (and I know it WILL be one day – a case of when, not if), I would want my friend to tell me it will all be ok, even though we both know it might not be!

I always try and seek reassurance from my husband. I am sure it drives him loopy, the amount of times I’ve asked him if he thinks I will be sick. His default is NO, of course not. And again, I know he is only saying what I want to hear. So why do I bother asking? When I had morning sickness and WAS sick on the side of the motorway, I actually felt a teeny tiny bit of “in your face hubby”, because he’d told me all night, for 12 long hours I wouldn’t be sick. There’s me trying to find the funny side of a not so funny moment.