Children scare me because when they feel sick, they fail to say anything and out of the blue comes pukerama. I remember this being the case at school. You’d be merrily going about your business when BAM, some kid would throw up in assembly/the dining hall/across their maths work. And I know it is no one’s fault but arghhhh. Children cause me no end of anxiety when it comes to being sick. I hate the unpredictability of childhood vomit incidents. As a mummy, i know it is a case of WHEN, not IF, when it comes to my son vomiting. Anyway, this isn’t a doom and gloom post.

Here are the things I try and do to prepare myself if I think B might be sick or if he has been sick:

  • Keep it in perspective. It WILL be ok. Positive self-talk and all.
  • Be prepared. My son took me completely by surprise when he threw up all down my front while I was carrying him from the car. I don’t really know how I could have been prepared to be honest – other than walk around with a bin bag each time I carry him. If you know though that your child is poorly, you can be prepared with a few things – bowls, towels, a helpful other – namely my husband here.
  • Breathe. It can be easy to forget to breathe when starting to feel the panic and anxiety rise. If you can, take a few seconds to just breathe and keep it together.
  • Getting help if you can. If I “think” B is going to be ill or getting ill, I try and make sure J is about.
  • I try and remember that I can be in control to some extent. So for the next couple of days I can limit my food intake and I can try and keep as calm as possible.
  • Dettol. If the little man has been sick, J and I make sure we clean everything thoroughly to avoid spreading any potential infection. I am lucky that after 15 years with me, J is pretty good at this.
  • Linked to keeping clean is keeping any vomit incidents limited to one room or one bathroom – hence making the cleaning a lot easier
  • When B has been sick, I try and focus on the useful things I can do to help J. So anything to help get cleaned up, even though I physically can’t do the cleaning. I typically call from another room if there is anything practical I can do. Usually there isn’t really.
  • Keeping my sh*t together. The one thing I really don’t want to do is show B that vomiting is a big deal (yes it is to me) but he doesn’t need to know that and he doesn’t need to see me lose it.