If I am being completely honest, I never, ever thought I’d be a mum. My vomit phobia has dictated my life pretty much from the age of three or so. Being a mum just wasn’t something I thought I could be cut out for. Hell, I still don’t think I am sometimes. But I’m doing it, I’m riding the mum-wave. And for the most part, I love being a mum.

One of the main reasons for not wanting a baby was because they are sick. Loads! Or at least that’s what people thought would be useful to remind me of when I was pregnant. Ohhhh how will you cope?  You do know it will be sick? What will you do? Your husband won’t be there 24/7. You’ll just have to “get over” your worries. This is what people thought I needed to hear.

Anyway, yes, I knew my baby would be sick. What I also knew was that babies don’t eat or drink anything other than milk for the first six months or so. So in my mind, it wasn’t really sick sick. Was it? It was just a bit of milk.

When my son came along, yes he was “sick” from day one. But it was easier than I expected. The “sick” was simply spit-up and a bit of reflux. Sometimes it would be more, but I got through it. It was milk. It was normal and I could not catch it. These were things I reminded myself if I thought the volume of sick was increasing a bit! It was just a bit of yucky milk that a muslin could deal with. We even had a few funny sick moments too! Moments that weren’t a big deal and are only worth remembering because they are slightly funny!

Baby sick incident 1 – I was feeding b during the night. He was about 6-8 weeks I guess. Those long nights were lonely as it took ages to wind him. He seemed ever so gassy for ages. Anyway I made a school boy error by popping him up over my shoulders and rubbing and patting his back. I’d knelt down, ready to get a muslin to lightly swaddle him (he slept best wrapped a little), and cue, huge milky vomit all down my back and onto the backs of my legs. Nice! It wasn’t just a wet-wipe jobby either. I needed a full-on shower.

Baby sick incident 2 – Hehe this one makes me chuckle. Grandma and Grandad had popped over before they were due to go out for some dinner. Grandad was all dressed up smart in a shirt (you know what’s coming don’t you?). He gave little b a cuddle and b threw up all down the front of his shirt. Oops! It looked like a huge “map” drawn on the shirt. It was hilarious hehe!

Baby sick incident 3 – now this is where it got a bit hairy but I’m still here to tell the tale. It was B’s first Christmas day and we were all relaxing after lunch. We knew he wasn’t 100% as he had a bit of a temp. We didn’t think much of it though. Anyway, B decided to spectacularly projectile vomit his feed all over me and the sofa. Where I was sitting, it managed to run all down the sofa and in to my lap. My Christmas day outfit was a write off and I had to wear my mother-in-laws jeans – which were three sizes too big for me!

So if you are a new mum or mum-to-be and worrying about the baby sick bits, try and keep in mind that it’s just a bit of yucky milk :) This is what got me through the early days.