So we started our potty training journey with the little dude last week. I am pleased to say he has taken to it pretty well. I completely underestimate him sometimes. Our first day started well and went downhill after a few poo incidents. I’d picked up some new Paw Patrol pants for him the day before and he loved them. Of course he wanted this new ones on and let’s just say they ended up a code brown. J and I have a system in place:

1 = good to be washed
5 = terminal and need to be binned

These Paw Patrol ones were probably a 4.5. Now if I hadn’t had my stubborn head on, these pants would have been binned. But I’d just bloody bought them! So there I am, scrapping crap out of them and popping them alone, on a hot wash. I probably spent more on the wash-cycle than it would have cost to buy another pack. Oops.

Anyways so it got me wondering how I managed to clean poo out of pants without flinching. Yet if B threw up on me, I’d have gone into lock down. What wrong with me?!