This is a very tongue in cheek post and I certainly am not having a rant but these are the things people say to me regularly if they know I have emetophobia (a fear of vomiting). If you aren’t emetophobic and come across someone who is – here are the things not to say and ask haha!

  • But no one likes being sick! Well duh – of course most people don’t like being sick. Although don’t google “emetophile”. You just googled it didn’t you ;) So back on track, yes, it’s true, not many people like vomiting. But emetophobia is more than just a dislike. It controls your whole life from what you eat, to who you socialise with and where you go.
  • But it’s the body’s way of getting rid of poisons/toxins/a bug. Yes in some cases it is. In some cases it isn’t. And I know this already. I’m not stupid!
  • It’s natural. Urgh, again, I know. So is dying, so is blood, so are a load of other things that people have irrational thought-processes about.
  • But you drink alcohol, don’t you? Yes, I do. It doesn’t mean I get wasted every night and throw up every night!
  • But you were only sick once. Yes and it was awful and I never want to go through it again.
  • But you survived. Again, I know! But I still hate it.
  • But you’ve hardly ever been sick! Stop talking – I don’t wanna jinx anything /
  • Oh I thought of you last night when I was up vomiting. Ok, thanks for that info.
  • It’s ok, I’ve washed my hands (food related). Ok, good for you! Hopefully that’s what you do every time you prepare food?!
  • I vomited the other day after eating (insert any food). Thanks, that’s me now not eating that food!
  • In conversation with other mums:
    • Me: I had to pick him up from nursery
    • You: oh no, I’m sorry. There is so much going around at the mo. So and so has had norovirus. Little Jimmy’s been projectile vomming, the whole nursery was evacuated yesterday due to highly contagious vomiting.
    • Me: I don’t need to know this haha
  • It’s ok, you can make jokes about vomiting and I won’t go into a huge panic. Much ;0)

So there, some things people have said and continue to say to me when the subject of the vomit phobia comes up. It’s hard and I know not everyone is going to understand or get it. I don’t understand it most of the time either to be honest!