I asked my hubby if he’d write a bit about this for the blog. He said he would but I know he is busy with a new Xbox game…! Anyway, since it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought it would be good to take a look at how my issues impact my husband on a daily basis. I hope to pop his thoughts on here when he gets around to writing ;)

It would be fair to say that I’ve made J semi-emetophobic (vomit phobic). We have been together 15 years now and he knew from day one about the phobia. He was there for me when we were friends in the early days, someone I’d call at 1am to tell them I was scared I would be sick. I say semi-emetophobic because he isn’t worried about being sick for the reasons I worry about being sick. He isn’t worried about vomiting himself and he isn’t anxious if I vomit or my son vomits He is worried, however, about being sick and the impact it will then have on me. And he worries about other people (especially other people’s children) being sick. Again, not because of him but in his words “because of the fallout” it causes. And by fallout he means the impact of any vomit situation. The days of not eating, the days of constant questioning, the days of anxiety and worry. That’s the fallout.

I’ve also instilled some of my worries on to him as well. This is apparent when it comes to food. I’d actually say he is worse than me when it comes to use by and best before dates. He sniffs the milk, he checks chicken, and he won’t eat anything past a date. He has always been a fussy eater but I’m pretty certain my wariness has had an impact too.

Not an overly cheerful post I know, but I wanted to share the impact of mental health problems on other family members. My husband is quite possibly the most patient person I know. Many a time he has sat up with me all night, trying to calm me out of a panic, or helping me when I have been sick. So thank you J. And I’m sorry.