I recently wrote a similar post for another blog I run and decided it was time to write down why I felt the need to start emetomum. It’s something I’d been contemplating for a while. I was procrastinating a lot about whether to combine the two blogs but I felt this one was a bit more niche, particularly focused on the vomit phobia. I just didn’t feel there was a place to prattle on about vomiting on a mostly food and fun blog!

Anyways so what made me think “yeah, let’s start writing about my crappy fear of vomiting”. Well half the reason was that I’d already spent twenty years of my life writing about it. In diaries and journals. Proper paper and pen writing. I have over ten of these diaries upstairs and I plan to share some of the stories with you on the blog. It’s good nigh reading if you can’t sleep ;)

I also want to raise awareness. I do and I don’t to be honest. Part of me worries that if people know who I am, they might throw vomit at me in the street or something ridiculous. But then I figured that people who would read this blog may well be in similar situations of anxiety and worry, and well, lots of people I know, DO know about me and the phobia. And yes, some people just don’t get it, but it doesn’t mean they’d throw vomit at me. I want to raise awareness amongst medical professionals. a lot of people claim to understand or “get” emetophobia and I really don’t think they do!

I want to share my experiences. I’ve felt so low at times in my life, yet on paper, if I wrote out all the things I’d achieved and I read them back to my non-emet (non vomit-phobic) self, I’d think bloody hell, she’s actually done a lot with her life. I don’t want to toot my own horn and all but I really have been to hell and back with emetophobia and somehow managed to carry on. I don’t think a lot of people really realise what impact it has had. I think people think I over exaggerate or make up to what extent it has had an impact, because on the outside, I’ve managed to carry on fairly “normally. Whatever normal is these days. The only person who fully sees the fallout is my husband.

So there, a little snippet into who I am and why I started emetomum. And why I didn’t combine two blogs! Bloody bonkers ey! But this one is completely different. I don’t want it to shadow the amazing times I have with my son :)