So I’ve had this shitty vomit phobia pretty much all my life. As much as I hate it, there have been a couple of positives and it has led to some funny incidents. Funny now that they are in the past and I can look back and say “hey, I got through that and I was just fine”.

I will share with you some of these fun times on a more regular basis, so we can laugh at the ridiculous coincidences life sometimes throws at us. Honestly, some of these stories you couldn’t make up – it could only happen to me – a vomit phobic! Here are three of my silly stories.

The ice-skating trip

It was a regular weekend and some friends and I decided we wanted to go ice skating. Now at the time, none of us were able to drive and none of us had older friends who could drive. This meant only one thing – the bus. And an hour bus journey at that. I’m not a fan of coaches and buses for obvious reasons but I really didn’t want to miss out on this ice skating trip. I’d been ice skating a few times and loved it. So off we trotted, on our merry way. And we weren’t far from the rink when one of my friends decides she feels travel sick. Joy. We had to get off the bus and she was sick. I’m a good twenty miles from home and ended up getting in a right state. There wasn’t much else to do, other than get on the next bus and try and enjoy the day. Luckily I was able to put the incident behind me and still have fun. Although I didn’t eat all day and on the bus trip back home, we made my friend sit right at the front and I manically brushed my hair the whole way?!

The Marilyn Manson gig and orange fanta

Urgh, this night will be forever etched in my memory. One of my guy friends and I headed off to London to go to a Marilyn Manson gig (yes, I was really into metal – I still love it now). I liked music so much that I didn’t want my phobia to stop me from going to gigs. To cope with any gig anxiety, I used to tell myself I could leave at any time and I was in control. And I was. My friend headed off down the front, I stood more on the edge, where it was less crowded. We had a great time and the show was amazing. Things started going downhill when we left the venue. We had to get a tube train for quite a while, and well let’s just say a litre of fanta and travel sickness don’t mix! We had to get off this bloody train, god knows where, and get my friends dad to come pick us up. My friend was then sick the whole journey home in the front of the car. To say I felt like I’d been through hell that night is an understatement. It scared me for a longgggg time. I always remember getting to his house and his poor mum was waiting for us and I was bawling my eyes out and my friend just ran inside, vomiting. Fun times.

The boy on the bus back to Southampton

Goodness, this incident is so ridiculous that I still can’t believe it happened! Basically I’d gone home for the weekend and was going back to university on the train. For whatever reason, we had to get a replacement bus service for part of the journey. Of all the places I could sit on this bus, and of all the people who got on, I had to be sitting next to the travel sickness kid didn’t I. he was sick on the floor and it ran down the bus. I was up like a shot and just stood at the front by the driver for the whole journey. I did contemplate getting off but I literally had no idea where I was and this was way before everyone had a mobile phone. Fun times.