Goodness, it has been way too long since I wrote my last post for my emetomum site. And if you are at all interested, I’ll share with you why I have been a bit off the radar. The reason is life haha. Life has simply gotten in the way and taken over. There is work, there is my family, my son, we moved house and of course the other blog. And I wrote a guest post for the lovely Laura at Butterfly mum for her Parenting Challenges series :) If you want to read my post about why I became a mum, you can do so here. Life really has been completely manic. There are some pros for keeping super busy though, for me anyway:

– When I am busy, I tend to think about emet less. It crops up less and less and I guess because my mind is full up with other stuff, any emet thoughts get pushed down before they get a chance to rear their ugly head.

– Keeping busy keeps me feeling positive. I find if I’m not busy, I start to sit around and think too much. And thinking too much is sometimes a bad thing for me. it gets me thinking about all the things I should and shouldn’t be doing and it gets me wondering too much.

– Being busy means I have less time to stress about food and what I eat, which means I think about it in the emet sense less. I plan a meal cook it and forget about it. I eat out, pay up and forget about it. I don’t sit on alert for hours and hours asking myself “what if”.

– Being busy gives me a sense of purpose. It improves my overall sense of worth and my feelings towards life in general. I ultimately feel that there is a point to it all and I need to crack on and just do it.

And of course there are the cons of being busy :/ Sometimes things can just get a bit much and we need to take a step back and breathe. Being super busy impacts me in a few negative ways too:

– I feel tired. All the time. I’m sleeping ok at the moment, yet I wake up feeling shattered. I know I need to take some time out soon to fully relax – away from work, away from the blogs, away from a bloody computer or smart phone!

– Anxiety sometimes creeps up. And I don’t mean emet anxiety here, I mean general anxiety for me. I feel fidgety and unsettled if I have too many things on all at once. One way that really helps me with this is to write it down – everything. I find anxiety and unease creeps in before bedtime. It really helps to get all my thoughts out of my head and on a to-do list in my Outlook calendar. And then I can sleep, safe in the knowledge that those thoughts are being held right there until the morning :)

So that’s it really, not much else to report – life just kinda creeps up on us. And I am thankful to say in a GOOD way at the moment :)