Fun times basically. I flipping hate emet when travelling. I can be completely fine at home for months, yet the minute I have to get a flight half way across the bloody world, emet rears it’s ugly head. I wrote a few months ago about travelling with the phobia and how I try and cope. I also wrote about flying. I used to enjoy flying, even with the phobia, yes! But after a really bad flight, it has super put me off. Basically I had a bad case of IBS half way through the flight and then a woman sat next to me had a fit. This all set me off into a pretty bad panic attack. And panic attacks are pretty hard to hide when you are sat in close proximity to 200 plus other people and a load of cabin crew. I’ve found you cannot loiter by the toilets or the galley, scratching your arms like a mad woman and looking ashen, without arousing suspicion! Cabin crew start asking what is wrong, and then you end up getting into a whole convo which goes something like this:

Cabin Crew (CC) – Are you ok? (busy opening all those little locker doors)

Me – Erm yes (blatantly not ok. Excessive fidgeting, irrational breathing and manically chewing gum)

CC – Are you sure? (raised eyebrows)

Me – Erm yeah I’m fine. I just have this thing about being sick.

CC – You feel sick (CC now looking panicked and subconsciously reaching for that little paper bag)

Me – No no, why??? Do I look like I feel sick?

CC – Yes, you’re very pale…

Me – (omFg !!!!!! I look ill, I look ill. Im gonna be sick, im def gonna be sick) Erm, no, I have this thing. Erm this phobia about being sick. I get really scared that I’ll be sick. I don’t feel sick.

CC  – Huh? (now looking at me as if I’m bonkers and clearly CC have no idea what to suggest or do) well do you wanna sit down and read a magazine?

Me – YES YES! (Just leave me alone, stop asking questions and stop thinking I’m gonna be sick. Am i?!)

So yes, after the IBS incident and after the woman who had a fit next to me, it has somewhat put me off flying. I also feel incredibly guilty about the whole fit incident. I am not good in a medical emergency. If you are ill, you do not need me around or near you. I am a hindrance, not a help.

emetophobia travel flying panic mental health ocd anxiety being sick

So there, this isn’t a positive post and I certainly provide zero constructive advice on how to face your fears and be positive! How do you cope with travel and anxiety? Do you try and just “get on with it”? Do you ever feel anxious when travelling or are you super cool with it all?

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