The fun times of being a mum with a fear of vomiting



Primary School and Dinner Lady Bullies

I honestly don’t know how I got through school days. Whenever I look back, all I really remember is clinging on to my mum each morning, crying, pretending I DID feel ill, and generally causing my parents a lot of stress. School was a problem for me pretty much from day one. I remember vividly being at my first primary school. I would have been Continue reading “Primary School and Dinner Lady Bullies”


Blogging 1980s Stylee

So blogging seems to be all the rage now. It seems funny that when I was a kid growing up, I used to keep a lock on my diary. The thought of anyone reading it was just awful. And to be honest, when I read back through some of my diary posts from the 80s and 90s, they make me cringe. First crush, first kiss, first period, first time…yep you name it, it’s written down. Honestly, I should take those books and burn them. Burn them and never look back! And there is some really mean stuff in there! Bitchy teenage gossip and angst mostly but some things I wouldn’t want to share even now! Blogging is a funny thing because now it seems people are quite happy to share their thoughts and feelings with the whole world. I don’t think I am quite ready to share ALL my thoughts and past diary entries with the world just yet;) Continue reading “Blogging 1980s Stylee”

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