The fun times of being a mum with a fear of vomiting


A to Z

A to Z – Z is for ZZZZZZ

Tips for dealing with anxiety during the night.

Emet can really fuck up sleep sometimes. I don’t know about you but whenever I’m sick, it is most likely at night. Whenever there is a sick incident, it’s always in the bloody night. Continue reading “A to Z – Z is for ZZZZZZ”


A to Z – Y is for WHY?

The penultimate day of the A to Z Challenge and my Y today is why? Why emetophobia? I’ve asked myself this question so many times and I have yet to find an answer to it. Maybe some things are just meant to be and I just need to get over it? I’ve embarked on loads of different types of therapy in the past and none of them have really addressed the WHY. Continue reading “A to Z – Y is for WHY?”

A to Z – X is for eXposure Therapy and Why I Fall Out With It

Day 24 of the A to Z Challenge – X. Yes I know technically exposure begins with an E but it sounds like an X and it is something I want to write about:)

You  might be thinking, well of course she wouldn’t like it, making herself sick but that isn’t just what I mean here. Continue reading “A to Z – X is for eXposure Therapy and Why I Fall Out With It”

A to Z – What Iffing and How to Turn it Around!

What-iffing causes me no end of frustration. There is one useful tip I learnt during one of the many hours of CBT I’ve endured (can you tell I’m not a huge fan?). Anyways, the tip I learnt that actually helps me, is to turn the What If around. So instead of “what if I’m sick when I go out to eat tonight?” becomes “what if I’m NOT sick tonight and I have a really nice time at the restaurant with my friends?” Well answer that one – ha. Continue reading “A to Z – What Iffing and How to Turn it Around!”

A to Z – V is for Visualization

When I googled “visualization”, it stated that the verb means: to form a mental image of or to imagine.

I would say this is true with regards to using visualization as a technique for dealing with anxiety and emetophobia. There are two types of visualization I use, or at least try to use when I’m not feeling great. Continue reading “A to Z – V is for Visualization”

A to Z – U is for University. Five Tips for Getting Through with Anxiety and Emetophobia

Ah the last week of A to Z Challenge. I really have enjoyed it. Although trying to maintain two blogs has been a bit of a stretch I must say! I’ve enjoyed writing more for the emet site as I feel it comes so much more naturally for me. It’s what I’ve lived with all my life. Today is U and U is for University. I write about some of my tips for being a student while suffering emetophobia/vomit phobia and anxiety. Continue reading “A to Z – U is for University. Five Tips for Getting Through with Anxiety and Emetophobia”

A to Z – T is for Travel – Emetophobia Style

I am pleased to say that since taking Prozac in 2010, I’ve managed to travel quite a bit. I travel for work so I had to get over my plane and flying anxieties pretty quick. And my want to travel is so great that I just refuse to let this bloody phobia stop me from achieving things. Having said that, it is hard and it can mean going a week or so on not a lot of food. Continue reading “A to Z – T is for Travel – Emetophobia Style”

A to Z – S is for Social Anxiety and Phobia

Having emetophobia (a fear of vomiting) has a massive impact on literally anything social. I don’t want to turn this into a “feel sorry for me” post but it really does impact bloody EVERYTHING.

Here is a short list of things that stress me out, or things I try to avoid or dread due to emetoCRAPphobia. Some of them border on ridiculous. Continue reading “A to Z – S is for Social Anxiety and Phobia”

A to Z – R is for Regret

There aren’t many things my vomit phobia has stopped me doing. At least things I don’t feel like I missed out on. I don’t care too much that I prefer not to ride roller coasters. Or that I never want to go on a cruise holiday. These things don’t overly bother me. There are a number of life events though that I regret letting emet take over. And this is a hard post for me to write. Continue reading “A to Z – R is for Regret”

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