The fun times of being a mum with a fear of vomiting


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Primary School and Dinner Lady Bullies

I honestly don’t know how I got through school days. Whenever I look back, all I really remember is clinging on to my mum each morning, crying, pretending I DID feel ill, and generally causing my parents a lot of stress. School was a problem for me pretty much from day one. I remember vividly being at my first primary school. I would have been Continue reading “Primary School and Dinner Lady Bullies”


My Top 10 Festival Survival Tips

My Tips for Surviving Festivals With a Vomit Phobia.

Surviving WHAT I hear you say? Did she say a “festival” – as in a camping, with drunken people, in a field, in a tent, with porta loos for nearly a week? Yep, that’s what I said haha.

Continue reading “My Top 10 Festival Survival Tips”

What NOT to Say to Someone With a Vomit Phobia!

This is a very tongue in cheek post and I certainly am not having a rant but these are the things people say to me regularly if they know I have emetophobia (a fear of vomiting). If you aren’t emetophobic and come across someone who is – here are the things not to say and ask haha! Continue reading “What NOT to Say to Someone With a Vomit Phobia!”

5 Things That Helped me With Exam Anxiety

I haven’t written for a few days and I feel completely conscious of that. I run another blog and have been super busy with that one. As well as work, and being a mum, and husband, and caring granddaughter (my beautiful nana has dementia and I try to call her every day at the mo). Anyways, enough excuses and here are some of my thoughts on exams, especially given all the news coverage on SATS at the mo in the UK. Continue reading “5 Things That Helped me With Exam Anxiety”

Growing up With a Fear of Vomiting – School Days

Growing up with a vomit phobia was not overly fun. To be honest, one of my main fears about being a mum are that I will pass this awful phobia to my child. I feel slightly at eases that I had a boy. I know that doesn’t mean he won’t inherit the phobia. But I feel in my heart that if I’d had a girl, there’d had been more chance. I don’t know, maybe Continue reading “Growing up With a Fear of Vomiting – School Days”

My Vomitversary – Let it Go, Let it Go…

Goodness, the weeks are flying by and I can’t quite believe it is May already. I feel anxious because June is nearly here. I know it is ridiculous but last June – June 21st, 5am, to be precise, I vomited. I know it is silly and I should forget it but I can’t. My vomitversary is upon me. Continue reading “My Vomitversary – Let it Go, Let it Go…”

5 Positives of Having a Vomit Phobia

To be honest there aren’t many good things about having a phobia of vomiting (emetophobia). It consumes my whole life and impacts everything, every day. However…I believe there are some positives to having had the phobia all my life. And here is my list: Continue reading “5 Positives of Having a Vomit Phobia”

A to Z – T is for Travel – Emetophobia Style

I am pleased to say that since taking Prozac in 2010, I’ve managed to travel quite a bit. I travel for work so I had to get over my plane and flying anxieties pretty quick. And my want to travel is so great that I just refuse to let this bloody phobia stop me from achieving things. Having said that, it is hard and it can mean going a week or so on not a lot of food. Continue reading “A to Z – T is for Travel – Emetophobia Style”

A to Z – S is for Social Anxiety and Phobia

Having emetophobia (a fear of vomiting) has a massive impact on literally anything social. I don’t want to turn this into a “feel sorry for me” post but it really does impact bloody EVERYTHING.

Here is a short list of things that stress me out, or things I try to avoid or dread due to emetoCRAPphobia. Some of them border on ridiculous. Continue reading “A to Z – S is for Social Anxiety and Phobia”

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