The fun times of being a mum with a fear of vomiting



Why I Decided to Have a Baby

To be honest, I’ve never overly wanted a baby. I’ve never been one of these super broody women who adores kids and really wanted a child. I never even “liked” kids if I am really really honest. They are germy, they get sick, they are messy, they stick god knows what in their mouths and they lick their hands and fingers ALLLLL the time. Continue reading “Why I Decided to Have a Baby”


Baby Days Depression and Anxiety

Due to this bloody vomit phobia, I found it really tough being a new mum. There were all the regular new mum worries, recovery from birth, as well as worrying about being sick. In all honesty I should have gone straight back on to Prozac once b was born. I didn’t though because I wanted to breastfeed (this didn’t really go to plan and I ended up expressing for a while). I also felt that I coped just fine through the pregnancy and that I’d somehow fail if I ended up back on pills. Looking back now, I was so stupid. I didn’t cope great through pregnancy at all and I’m not a failure for taking pills now. Continue reading “Baby Days Depression and Anxiety”

Seeking Reassurance and White Lies

This morning one of my very good emet (vomit phobic) mummy friends whatsapped me with the second most dreaded message. Her child had been sick. The first most dreaded message being that she had been sick herself. Continue reading “Seeking Reassurance and White Lies”

B is for – Blood

B is for – Blood.

Yep blood. A bit random but I find that having a vomit phobia tends to lead to loads of other irrational (downright bloody stupid) fears too. Now I won’t call them phobias because I hate how the term is used so frivolously! I dislike blood. I’m not phobic of blood. However because of emet, I’m useless when it comes to dealing with blood. I really hate this too because if someone is hurt, I run away. I’m crap at helping and actually I’m one of these people you just don’t want or need there in an emergency. I get in a panic, I start to fluster, hyperventilate and end up having to sit on the floor, worried ill faint and ultimately be sick. Continue reading “B is for – Blood”

Day 1 – Mummy Emet Story – M4 Incident

Bah, I’m completely behind with blogging on emetomum! I run another blog, food and parenting related and I’ve been super busy with that one. Need to sort my time management out I think!

Anyways, so how’s things going? Anxiety and panic free I hope. Things have been pretty full on here for me. Working, blogging, writing, cooking and of course, parenting! My boy is going through the terrible twos at the mo and it’s been tough! He is teething too which never helps does it. Sigh. Continue reading “Day 1 – Mummy Emet Story – M4 Incident”

My boy eats a tonne!

I know this isn’t really an issue but my goodness, my boy can eat. And eat. And eat! It’s a good thing but because I don’t eat an awful lot, I find it unnerving at times that he seems to be able to put so much away. I was prepping dinner tonight and took my eye of him for all of a few seconds and he managed to grab this bowl of apricots I’d had in the fridge and ate the lot. That’s about twelve apricots. Wtf. It’s all good stuff but it makes me nervous that he might end up with a stomach ache. Either that or nursery will have a fun day tomorrow. I best pack a few extra nappies. Continue reading “My boy eats a tonne!”

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